Fire Restoration

fire restorationfire restoration

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Having even a small fire occur in your property can be devastating and overwhelming.

Baker Restoration and Construction services will guide you through the restoration process and return your home or business to the way it was before the fire happened. Certified by the IICRC, (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration) our experienced professionals will assess the fire damage and work with your insurance company to restore your property to its condition prior to the fire. We have the skills and expertise it takes to handle the largest and smallest fire restoration projects. In many cases, the results are even better than before the fire.

Because of the extinguishing process, fire damage is almost always accompanied by soot, smoke damage and water damage; these represents a wide variety of technical challenges. We have the expertise, specialized equipment and systems necessary to provide fire cleanup services and return structures to their pre-loss condition. The damage caused by fire, smoke residue and water is thoroughly scoped and estimated. You can feel confident that the fire and water damage restoration will be undertaken quickly to minimize further damage and expense. Because of our focus on mitigation, we do everything possible to restore, rather than replace, damaged structures and contents. When it’s time to start reconstruction, Baker Restoration and Construction can handle the entire job from start to finish.

When you call Baker Restoration and Construction, we understand that a fast response is key to restoring your property. We not only want to restore your property, we want to restore your peace of mind!

Board Up Service

board up serviceThe first thing that needs to be done as the fireman are rolling up their hoses is to call your insurance company and then make sure you have secured your property. Don’t just let any company who shows up uninvited do your board-up, these “chasers” listen to radio scanners and prey on distraught property owners.

The second call you should make is to Baker Restoration and Construction at 440.350.4755.

If there has been any damage to windows, doors, walls or the roof, etc., our emergency response team will arrive quickly to board up and tarp any openings to the home to ensure your property’s safety while the restoration process occurs. A well done, proper board up will help keep your home safe from any outside elements, vandals or varmints. When the boards and tarps are installed temporarily, it will buy you enough time to prevent future damage from occurring, until the adjuster arrives.

Water Removal

Massive amounts of water is used to extinguish even the smallest fire. Like fire, water can also cause significant damage to the building materials, furniture, electronics, appliances, fixtures, and other objects. If left alone and untreated, water-damaged objects are susceptible to secondary adverse effects, such as the growth of mold, fungus, mildew and foul odors, all of which can cause lingering health effects. When you call Baker Restoration and Construction, our dispatchers will send a team of qualified technicians to your home immediately. Upon arrival, our technicians will take a survey of the situation and start the water extraction process to minimize secondary damage. Our trucks are fully equipped with truck-mounted extraction units as well as floor wand extraction systems to remove up to 99% of moisture in the affected areas.

Our emergency response technicians will mitigate the water damage first before addressing the rest of the fire damage. In doing so, it will limit the extent of the water damage, so it won’t increase the amount of the overall damage done by the fire. Next, we will set air movers and dehumidifiers in the affected space to aid in the drying process, along with HEPA filtered negative air machines to capture any hazardous smoke particulates present.

Smoke Removal

Smoke can emit a dangerous mix of carbon dioxide and chemicals, and can easily seep into the walls, drywall and fibrous contents in the home. These include carpeting, upholstery and clothing. After a fire, it is essential to properly clean the soot and smoke that has settled in. When you choose Baker Restoration and Construction, we are fully equipped with the tools and equipment necessary to clean the soot and remove any odors. We can also salvage and restore your contents.

Pack Out & Content Cleaning

Part of our services will be to assess your property and if directed to by your insurance company we will take an inventory of your contents. Depending on the extent of the fire, if the contents are at risk of further damage by remaining in the home or would impede the progress of restoring your building, it may be necessary that your property be packed up and moved out to our cleaning facility. All contents are unpacked, cleaned using the proper processes, wrapped and repacked in clean boxes and stored until your contents are ready to be returned to your property.


Rebuilding Service Rebuilding After Fire Damage

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Sometimes, contents and building materials cannot be salvaged, and need to be replaced. Since Baker Restoration and Construction is a full-service restoration company and contractor, we can handle your re-build needs all in one place! Avoid the headaches of calling multiple companies to handle your project. With one call, we have the ability to meet all of your needs.

If you’ve just experienced a fire, give Baker Restoration and Construction a call.

When you have experienced a loss, rely on our experience!

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