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Flooring: Carpet, Tile, Hardwood, Laminate Installation

When damage strikes your property, call on Baker Restoration we will do everything we can to save your carpet, laminate, tile, or hardwood floors. However sometimes, depending upon the damage, the flooring cannot be saved. The good news is that Baker Restoration has extensive experience with new floor installation, and we can restore your property to its pre-loss conditions, no matter what type of flooring present on your property.

Servicing the Lake, Geauga, Ashtabula and Eastern Cuyahoga Counties for over 20 years, Baker Restoration and Construction has built a reputation for providing superior flooring installations to meet the needs of your home. Even if you have not experienced damage to your home, but you would still like to refinish or replace your flooring, Call Baker Restoration to handle your specific situation. Licensed, bonded and insured, we have the capabilities of taking on any sized project with ease!

Carpet Installation

When Baker Restoration first opened we cleaned a lot of carpet and cleaned up after many properties that had experienced water damage, we know carpet! Our technicians who are well versed in carpet installation techniques. Depending on your situation will determine the type of installation method we use.

  • Stretch-In: Best used method when glue down methods will not work, stretch-in installation make carpets easier to remove, help with the acoustical properties of the room and increases the R-value of the room. However, this method should be avoided on ramps, inclines and high-wheeled traffic areas.
  • Direct- Glue Down: This method is best used in high traffic areas and is a great method to use in ramp areas. Commercial properties are great candidates for this type of method, mainly because there are zero restrictions to installation size and allow carpet seams to become more durable.
  • Double Glue-Down: The double-glue down method provides all of the benefits of the direct-glue down method, but allows for additional cushion. It is an excellent installation method for high traffic and wheeled traffic methods, all while providing additional cushion.

Tile Installation

When you choose Baker Restoration’s services, you can be assured that we can handle even the most intricate tile installations. Regardless if you need travertine, porcelain, marble or other types of tile, we can do it all. We follow a specific 6-step process which allows us to mind the details required to get the job done right the first time. The steps we administer are as follows:

  • Step 1: Surface Preparation
  • Step 2: Layout
  • Step 3: Applying Adhesive
  • Step 4: Cutting Tile
  • Step 5: Setting Tile
  • Step 6: Grouting Joints

Each step requires a trained technician since there are many different types of tile. If you are looking for industry experts who can restore your property to its original condition, then do not hesitate to choose Baker Restoration.

Hardwood Installation

Hardwood flooring has become increasing popular since they are easier to clean, last longer than carpet and provide the room a warm and open look. The installation process is meticulous and requires special processes to execute correctly. Baker Restoration is experienced in hardwood installation, and can handle any sized project that comes our way.

Regardless if you need hardwoods installed due to damage in your home, or you are looking to upgrade the look of your home, we can help you accomplish those goals.

Hardwood Refinishing

Many times, our clients want to revive their flooring by sanding down their oak hardwoods and re-staining them with a darker stain. Since the trend in flooring are bold, dark, colors, one call to Baker and we will send a fully trained crew to revive your hardwood floor to meet the demands of today’s interior trends.

Laminate Installation

Laminate has exploded in today’s home and office décor. These beautiful floors come in wood, tile and stone pattern alternatives. They are easy to care for and we always install CARB 2 compliant flooring material. Depending upon the laminate type, we may choose to blind-nail the laminate as we would hardwood installation, or use a glue-down method.

Call Baker Restoration

Baker Restoration understands that every situation is different and must be treated with specialized care. That is why we will always send out a trained and certified professional to evaluate your situation and provide you a specific plan to treat your individual needs.

Whether damage has occurred to your property, or you are simply looking to remodel, Baker Restoration can assist you with your situation. Available anytime, give us a call at 440.350.4755 to speak with one of our dispatchers. They will collect your information and send a technician to your home for an evaluation and a flooring estimate.

If you are wanting to update the look of your home or commercial property’s flooring, let us measure discuss the options available to you.

Call Baker Restoration & Construction today at 440.350.4755.

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