Storm Damage Repair

On occasion, Mother Nature can wreak havoc in Northeastern Ohio creating major structural damage to your property from straight line winds, tornadoes, hail damage, heavy rains, flooding and lightning strikes. These severe storms can come with little warning. Baker Restoration and Construction services provides 24 hour emergency response, 365 days a year.  Our Emergency Response Team can perform emergency roof tarping and board up exterior walls, doorways and windows to prevent additional water damage. We can facilitate the removal of fallen branches or trees. Baker’s professionals can provide the expertise necessary to repair your property’s structural integrity, roofing, siding and windows, as well as any interior repairs, which are often needed after sustaining major storm damage.


After a storm blows throustorm damagegh our area, heavy winds hail and lighting can damage your property’s roof. Baker Restoration & Construction are experts in assess roof damage. and can repair a section of the roof, or we will suggest the replacement of the entire roof. Insurance companies require a lot of information and a roof inspection before determining coverage. Don’t fall for some contractor “being in the area” who knocks on your door, saying you have roof damage he can see it from the ground. Talk to your agent and call on Baker Restoration & Construction to repair your roof.


Roofing and siding are the first lines of defense against the serious storms we have been experiencing. As siding ages, it can become cracked, withered and might even be missing a panel or two. What’s more, moisture from storms can seep into the inner layers of the home and cause fungus, damaged soffit or fascia (roof edges) and create other potential leaks. These problems can work their way through the siding on your house and travel deeper into the building materials causing major damage down the line. This is why it is important to resolve siding issues immediately. Baker Restoration and Construction is knowledgeable and our technicians can handled siding repair and replacement claims quickly and efficiently.

Windows and Doors

Did a vehicle forget to stop and crashed into your display window or do you just need to replace broken glass after a piece of flying debris hit it? Does the wall have to be rebuilt first, or can the existing window be replaced now? Baker Restoration & Construction help you to answers these questions before any window and door repairs are done.

When replacing storm-damaged windows and doors, look for signs of existing leaks (e.g., wet or water-stained wall framing or sheathing) and examine framing members for structural problems. The source of any pre-existing moisture problems needs to be identified and corrected. Otherwise, a mold problem may develop inside the walls or the repaired parts may deteriorate well before their time. New window and door components may become racked or become difficult to fit into a water damaged, out-of-square framed opening.

Baker Restoration & Construction have been serving customers for over 20 years in Lake Geauga, Ashtabula and Eastern Cuyahoga Counties. Our technicians have the knowledge and expertise to measure, frame out and install new, replacement windows and doors or provide other storm damage repairs.

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